DAHS Students Published

Integer, the title of the challenge and the book, required students to create a 100-word story that centered around numbers. The story still needed to meet solid conflict, characters, and setting. This opportunity was made possible by Young Writers, USA. Siarra Fetter says, “Creating the story was my favorite part. It expanded my understanding of how to ‘kill your darlings’ in order to make the story flow. This process also helped me to refine my suspense skills. I loved being a part of this experience and I encourage others to take part. You never know what you might create.” Liam Levenduski adds “It was a very interesting project. I’m glad people can see my work even in a little way where I write a short story, and I’m glad I jumped on the opportunity.” In the photo are Liam Levenduski, Siarra Fetter, and Cailtyn Bohensky. Two DAHS graduates, Sierra Raab and Isabella Sciamanna, also had their stories published in Integer.